Friday | January 13, 2017 | 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM 

Fundraising becomes fun when people are directly involved. In this case, our fundraisers will ride stationary bikes. Ride with us at the one of the oldest and most prestigious athletic clubs in Canada, Club Sportif MAA and get the chance to win prizes from our sponsors such as a gift certificate from Parachutisme Nouvel-Air, a skydiving school! 

There are two ways to get involved: Individual or Team.

As a team-building activity, you will need five of your colleagues, friends or family members. So are you game??? Please fill up our pledge form. To finalise payment, click here

Not convinced, yet? Here are three pillars of this opportunity:

  1. Enhanced visibility. Through a centralized platform, participating non-profits will receive enhanced visibility.
  2. Healthy break for our riders. A brief escape from work while exercising to help support non-profits.
  3. Multiple beneficiaries. The Montreal Non-Profits Project is collaborative venture whereby everyone involved is helping each other obtain their respective fundraising goals. In other words, there is strength is numbers.

Do you wish to sponsor this event? Email us to learn more:


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